5.0 based on the reviews of our moms.

Good fixation

Styling becomes a breeze with Salvatore hair wax. Rub the wax into your hands briefly. Then knead it well into your hair to design your haircoup.

Strong hold

Salvatore is known of his strong hold. Lubricating once means your hair in model all day long

Matte look

Say goodbye to stringy, greasy, shiny hair. With Salvatore hair wax you keep exactly the matte, natural look of your hair.

Lets compare

We did a 2-year scientific study with some crypto Lamborghini gurus to show you what will be a better choice for you.



Performs in cold conditions

Fits in any bag

Helps your pick up girls

Your mom will love it
(Proven by 5 star reviews)

a quick explanation for the noobs

Rub the matte pomade in your hands briefly to warm them up. Then gently knead it into dry hair. This gives your hairstyle a long hold and a nice structure. The matte wax can be styled again and again and is easily washable.


5.0 based on the reviews of our moms.

Mom of Rob

So proud of my boy that he finally is doing something with his life. Never tried the wax but I trust Rob so it will be okay.

Mom of James

Pretty happy with the looks of my son these days. All those years I had to explain without insulting him that he should do his hair better. Fortunately, those days are over.

Mom of John

My son was single for a long time. Until he discovered this Salvatore wax. His life changed completely. He instand started to look verry good and got hisself a girlfriend in a matter of days. I am looking forward for to become grandmom

Parrent of Jim

Jim really made some progress in his Self-Esteem. His hair looks awesome these days. His secret turns out to be Salvatore. I am really happy for him it really changed his life!

Happy costumers

Beside our moms we also have happy costumers